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Sign the Petition

Our petition aims to get 100,000 signatures to force a debate in Parliament. We need to rethink the way train interiors are specified. At present take part in developing the wording of the petition.

Our Platform (so to speak)

Who We Are

Customers of UK rail operators who feel we need to be represented more effectively when new trains are designed or retrofitted.

Our Agenda

This is not a political group. Our only agenda is to have train operating companies be more responsive to customer needs.

Our first order of the day is to reverse the trend to place totally solid seats in our trains.

Get Involved!

First, please join and let us know your thoughts.

Then consider whether you can help out with research, contacting train operating companies, manufacturers and more.

Our Interest

Is it just Seats?

Actually, no! Rock hard seats in new trains gave us the impeteus to get this site started. However other issues, like no wifi, room for a dance floor but no seats, lack of power plugs are also a pain in the a*** so the name fits really, doesn't it.

How will we approach this?

We have an idea of course, and a bit of experience in making change happen. But we need your ideas too. Simply telling us you are not satisfied with rock hard seats is a great start.

Tweet using #sorebumsuk and include @sorebumsuk 

You Know People

Even the most difficult of us has at least one friend, and they probably don't like the seats either. Talk to them and have them join the group.

Remember the train and station staff too - it's not their fault. Express dissatisfaction but do it respectfully. These are problems for management to work out.

The Excuses

The train operating companies tell us the seats are specified by the Government (DfT). A clue? Also they say there was significant consultation with passenger groups. Is this true and who is on those groups? Do any of them actually take trains? We need to know. We will hold them to account.

It's All Our Fault!

Letters written by train operating companies to complaining customers only make it worse. If we are complaining it doesn't matter who designed a seat or specified a feature of a train interior. There's a problem that needs to be addressed. We'll be calling out poor customer response letters. Maybe some will be as enduring as the "wrong kind of snow."

Like Working on Websites?

Contact us if you're interested in helping us develop this website, or if you would like to contribute to our new blog (coming soon). Send an email to and let us know.